Apron Reconstruction Project Has Wrapped Up for 2016

Our apron reconstruction project has wrapped up for the year. This year 1.19 million square feet or over 27 acres of concrete was laid up to 16.5 inches thick.

“Concrete and asphalt have a finite life, and sections of the apron are at the end of that lifespan,” said Greg Phillips, Executive Director of Aviation.

The Federal Aviation Administration is picking up 90 percent of the tab through its airport improvement program. That money comes from taxes on fuel and use fees, not from general taxes.

About 2.5 percent comes from the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Aviation fuel excise taxes.

The remaining cost comes from the Eagle County Regional Airport’s reserve funds, generated by user fees and airline fees.

“There are no local taxes being spent for any of this,” Phillips said.

The project was designed in 2011 and the first phase was completed in 2013. This summer is the third round and they’ll finish the final section next year, Phillips said.


Approximate total cost of construction: $6,974,181

Overall days for substantial completion: 131

Sponsored by: Eagle County, FAA, CDOT Aeronautic Division

Contractor: Concrete Works of Colorado

Planning, Design, and Construction Administration Firm: Jviation