Terminal Area Plan

The Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) has conducted advanced terminal planning based on recommendations from the recently completed Master Plan Update (2014 Master Plan). The purpose for conducting this additional analysis was to create and refine landside and terminal facility concepts and assist Eagle County Air Terminal Corporation in preparing to begin terminal construction by 2017. The purpose of the Terminal Area Plan Report is to establish the quantitative basis for defining issues and opportunities, and for the development and evaluation of concepts to address them. This project kicked-off in March 2015 and culminated in November 2015. The Terminal Area Plan Report process and timeline included numerous conceptual and informational meetings with Eagle County Commissioners, Stakeholder Committees, and Airport Staff. 

Complete Terminal Area Plan Report

Terminal Area Plan Report Section 1 & 2: Planning Requirements and Conceptual Planning

Terminal Area Plan Report Section 3: Project Implementation


Terminal Layout Plan:

Terminal Area Plan Report:  Terminal Layout Plan Pages 


Architectural Theming:

Terminal Area Plan Report:  Architectural Theming Pages