Badging at Eagle County Regional Airport

Access to the sterile, secure or any controlled area at the airport is managed by the administrative office at the Eagle County Regional Airport.  All airlines, ground handlers, concessionaires or contractors must contact the administrative office to gain access to these areas.  Location and hours of the office are:


219 Eldon Wilson Rd.

Gypsum, CO 81631


Badging Hours:

Tuesday 9:30 – 11:30 AM

Thursday 9:30 - 11:30 AM & 2:00 - 4:00 PM


Badging Process:                                                                                                                                  

  1. Appointments for testing can be made by calling the office.  No appointments will be made without a letter on file from the applicable company's authorized signatory
  2. Bring 2 pieces of identification to the testing appointment, identification must meet the same requirements as the I-9 form
  3. The application for badges can be found HERE if you would like to fill it out prior to your appointment
  4. Study and take the applicable test.  (Please allow at least 90 minutes)
  5. Have picture taken and fingerprints as needed for specific access
  6. Get badge number to check status online

Cleared badges will be posted online Tuesday through Friday mornings.  They will be posted by badge number so be sure to keep the number given to you by the administrative office. Everyone is encouraged to check online for badge status before calling the office.  The badge clearing process usually takes three to five business days, but there are times it can take longer.


The current list of cleared badges as of October 11, 2018:

Badge NumberLast NameNotes  
10197PATReady for Pickup-Bring ID  
10220WESReady for Pickup  
10224KENReady for Pickup-Bring ID  
10225CAUReady for Pickup-Bring ID  
10230WESReady for Pickup  
 10278SCHReady for Pickup-Bring ID  
10280WESReady for Pickup-Bring ID  
10288QUIReady for Pickup  
10289CHAReady for Pickup  
10294BONReady for Pickup  
10295MORReady for Pickup  
10299LESReady for Pickup  
10303BRIReady for Pickup  
10312MARReady for Pickup - Bring ID  
10316DAVReady for Pickup  
10325KENReady for Pickup - Bring 1 Form of ID  
10342CORReady for Pickup  
10345GREReady for Pickup  
10391SHIReady for Pickup  
10394SALReady for Pickup  
10397ULLReady for Pickup  
10404BAGReady for Pickup  
10478PINReady for Pickup  
10443NEEReady for Pickup  
10448MURReady for Pickup - Bring 1 Form of ID  
10479GEIReady for Pickup  
10496COLReady for Pickup   
10473ARIReady for Pickup - Bring 2 forms of ID  
10471WHE Ready for Pickup  
10505 CLA Ready for Pickup  
10507KNOReady for Pickup  
10510CRAReady for Pickup  
10503BARReady for Pickup  
10500WARReady for Pickup  
10490LIVReady for Pickup  
10502KOHReady for Pickup  
10499STEReady for Pickup  
10493PRIReady for Pickup - Bring 1 Form of ID  
10488HANReady for Pickup  
10487FELReady for Pickup  
10497COWReady for Pickup   
10494COEReady for Pickup - Bring 1 Form of ID