The High Altitude Army National Guard (ARNG) Aviation Training Site or HAATS is the only Department of Defense schoolhouse that teaches power management to rotary wing aviators. HAATS utilizes Forest Service and BLM lands to conduct their training at altitudes ranging from 6,500 feet MSL to 14,000 feet MSL.

The unique training areas surrounding the Eagle County Regional Airport offers a variety of landing areas such as pinnacles, ridgelines, bowls, and confined areas. The predictable wind patterns in this area make for an ideal learning environment for all levels of experience.

HAATS is operated by the Colorado Army National Guard and is staffed by twenty-seven officers and enlisted staff. HAATS has four UH-60A and four OH-58 helicopters organic to the organization, but primarily operates as a "Bring Your Own Helicopter" school.  HAATS dedicated a new Training and Hangar Facility in April of 2013 that can accommodate up to fifty-six personnel and six helicopters.