All parking is prepaid.

To pay for parking visit one of the three pay kiosks in the Airport terminal located inside Terminal entrances 3, 4, and 5.  Credit and debit cards are accepted at the kiosks. The instructions on the kiosk will ask you to enter your license plate number and the duration of your stay.  You will then receive a receipt.

You do NOT need to put the receipt in your vehicle, though we recommend you keep the receipt as proof of payment.


For questions about parking, please contact Reef Parking at 970-401-0934 or email


Parking Rates:

  1. Short Term parking (Closest to Terminal) - $8.00 per day
  2. Long Term parking (West of Terminal) - $6.00 per day
  3. Employee Parking - $20 for non-overnight parking with valid ID 
  4. Employee Parking Overnight - $25/month with valid ID 
  5. Permit Lot B - 1-month, 6-month and 12-month discounted permit parking options.  Parking is located just steps from the terminal. Please call 970-401-0934 for more details.
  6. Free accessible parking is available in the Short Term Lot. Requires valid Handicap Parking Permit/Placard.



Extend your stay
To pay for additional days, or to pay before you arrive at the airport, simply download the PARKMOBILE app and follow the simple instructions.  For the Short-Term Lot, please use Zone 5301 and for the Long-Term Lot, please use Zone 5302.  

Parking Ticket or Boot?
If you need to pay for a parking ticket please visit to pay online.
To have a boot removed please call 970-401-0934


Eagle County Regional Airport Rules and Regulations

  1. RV's and trailers are not allowed to be parked in the Airport’s parking lots without prior Airport approval. For assistance call 970-328-2680.
  2. The Eagle County Regional Airport is not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles while they are parked in the Airport’s parking lots.
  3. You must pay prior to departing on an aircraft.
  4. Vehicles can be parked as long as the space is paid for.
  5. The Airport reserves the right to tow any vehicle for violation of parking rules and regulations. 
  6. Any vehicle leaking fluids is subject to tow.
  7. Any vehicle impeding snow removal operations is subject to tow.

As of December 2020 EGE parking lots require a daily parking fee. This decision was made in accordance with FAA Grant Assurances


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